Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce

Response and submission to

Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct

Draft Master Plan



The Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce is the lead business organisation representing the interests of local businesses. The membership is represented by a broad section of the community. The Chamber has a tourism focused online presence ‘Destination Jindabyne’ whose purpose is to generate increased opportunities within Jindabyne. The Chamber’s lobbying is at the heart of the Go Jindabyne Project and has been supportive of the subsequent SAP Master Plan.

The Chamber Executive is made up of local business people and has a good diversity of ages, gender, business experience and time spent in the community.

This submission is completed on behalf of the Chamber and represents the views of the executive as whole. Individual member businesses have been encouraged to contribute to the entire process and have been asked to make individual and specific submissions based on their experiences.

The Chamber fundamentally supports the objectives of the SAP, that being to broaden the seasonality periods to which tourism provides economic prosperity to the region. We are supportive of the long term vision and the investment to be made by the NSW State Government.

In our support we believe it not overly critical in making comments that the master plan lacks the articulation of a vision. We believe that there needs to be a powerful ‘catch all’ description of what Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains would represent moving forward.

This vision should include a growing active full-time population, a pristine high altitude tourism location rich in adventure, arts and culture, heritage (indigenous and western), and of course climate change.

Specific comments on important elements of the draft Master Plan:

1. The Southern Connector

The Chamber fully supports the concept of a reconnected foreshore. This reconnection has the ability of allowing the construction of a main street and civic centre. We understand the importance of creating the road, to expose more land opportunities, and certainly understand the importance of direct access for the new school precinct. What we have difficulties understanding, is the plan’s desire to only have one lane each way on both the connector road as well as Kosciusko Road. In the past we have submitted the idea of land bridges to make the connection. We believe that the connector road is financially supportive as a catalyst project, and should be designed with two lanes or an over generous allotment of width, to allow for turns into future developments. At the same time we submit not to reduce the width of the Kosciuszko Road, but to have timed allocation for parking (i.e. clearway), cycle ways, bus transit lanes etc. We believe strongly in not reducing the two lanes into one.


2. Parking

Parking space helps drive commercial success. The Chamber is concerned by the lack of parking mentioned in the plan. It is understood that it may well appear in the delivery plan, however the Chamber believes strongly that there is the need for substantially more parking opportunities along the different nodes (foreshore, shopping, tourism areas, park and ride). Further, it’s the belief of Chamber that parking will remain at the forefront of residential growth. Cars, being the preferred Australian choice for transport, will remain so for the SAP time horizon. Fuel source and size may change, by personal transport concept. As to the size, we see larger cars on Australian roads as well as caravans and motorhomes. These must be catered for in any delivery plan.

Associated with parking are intelligent signs that point drivers to available parking spots. This technology may also be used to provide information to parking at Bullocks Flat, Perisher and Thredbo. This sort of information may also assist the public in making decisions to use public transport.

3. Tourism Specific Attractions

The specific purpose of increasing the tourism demand on the Snowy Mountains away from winter, is to provide a year round destination that will need to have added capacity for additional tourism activities. In this regard, the Chamber fully supports the proposed Mountain Bike Park and marvels at the possibilities of the Gondola idea. However we have equal weighting to the ideas for an:

· Indoor Entertainment Facility.

· Arts and Culture Tourism and Alpine Heritage Centre.

· Lake specific Tourism venture including Boating services.

The Chamber believes that a sustainable Jindabyne is one that offers more than an accommodation base for mountain activities. Hence, the Chamber fully endorses any project that brings Tourism into the area in off winter times.

4. Growth vs Catalyst focus

The Chamber supports the premise behind the activation of the western foreshore, however splitting the SAP into Growth and Catalyst seems counter intuitive. Why is the West a catalyst and not the East? Our rationale is that the east is ready for development now whereas the land to the west may be some years away from development.

We understand the need for the council to resume governance of large parts of Jindabyne though we would think it more pragmatic to define growth and catalyst in terms of activity rather than geography. Case in point is the land sold by Snowy Hydro. These parcels of land are strategic in location and should be seen as potential catalyst projects. Is it not possible for the catalyst project to be deemed commercial in nature (tourism accommodation, eco resorts, arts and cultural attractions, golf course, retail etc) and growth to be residential and repurposing?

Despite the focus we do support the rezoning of the western foreshore for commercial activities such as eco resorts and other attractions, with the proviso that the accommodation split is conserved to ensure seasonal workers and staff are accommodated into the mix.

5. Lake Foreshore

Without doubt a signature project for Jindabyne. The project to complete the re-connection to the foreshore, allowing for public space to enjoy the lake at various water levels, plus the ability to facilitate an additional Commercial precinct, potentially linked with other parts of the lake community via boat, is truly exciting. Our two concerns would be to ensure public space remains a public space without encroachment of commercial activity plus that the visual impact of any commercial development is in keeping with the nature of the lake. A square glass filled 6 storey building is not the ideal to strive for.

In that regard we again understand that the delivery plan will outline some of the permissible design attributes such a colour, height and ascetics, though we believe they are integral with the master plan that they should have been included.


2020 agm

The Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce held its AGM on the 24th November 2020 at Rydges in Jindabyne. The office bearers were all re-elected unopposed. The President reviewed the year and remarked on the business community’s resilience that was demonstrate this most challenging year of 2020.


Over the course of this year, the Chamber has been actively delivering to membership and community alike. We have hosted both Federal and State politicians, most recently the new Member for Eden Monaro, Kristy McBain. Kristy McBain came to Jindabyne on an invitation that was extended to all candidates of the federal election during a Zoom ‘Meet your candidate’ evening organised by the Chamber. This year has certainly seen all of the Chamber executives become very familiar with this new type of communication.


The Chamber met with the Business Council of Australia directly after the bushfires and was able to distribute vouchers allocated to us. These vouchers helped Chamber members to seek professional assistance in the aftermath of the bush fires.


During the course of the year the Chamber applied for and was awarded a number of small grants from both council and state government to help deliver important new skills via face to face workshops and more zoom sessions. These successful grants were made possible by the dedicated work of the committee with a special mention of Fiona Latham-Cannon, Secretary and Matthew Bell, Treasurer.


Fulfilling a leadership role with the community has been key for this past year and was demonstrated via working with regional stakeholders and providing auspice for a large grant for the ‘Sustainable Snowies Initiative’. The chamber was also able to make contributions to the John McLoughlin Christmas Lights by having him give a special talk of resilience during the AGM. Extending the leadership as a member of the advisory community Group for the ever so important strategic project. With the help of Rukshan De Silva (Former Lead Senior Planner for SAP) the chamber was able to deliver two business specific meetings with the department of Planning for local business.


If the year was not already busy for the committee, long standing member Gordon Jenkinson has been the Chamber representative on the organising committee for the Trout Challenge 2020. Through Gordon’s dedicated volunteering he has helped the event to raise some $34,000 in prize money. Fiona Latham-Cannon, our secretary ‘extraordinar’, has also provided many hours of marketing and administration support.


Shortly after the AGM the Chamber hosted a guest speaker, Joan Bird, who shared with us the new code of conduct for short term rental accommodation as introduced by the department of Fair Trading. An eventful night was rounded off with the Business Connect evening. These evenings are designed to be informative and allow businesses, both new and old to network in a relaxed atmosphere. The Chamber would like to acknowledge the ongoing support offered by Rydges, Jindabyne.


Re-elected for another year:


Olivier Kapetanakos as President

Bruce Easton as Vice President

Fiona Latham-Cannon as Secretary and Marketing.

Matthew Bell as Treasurer


Committee Members

Gordon Jenkinson

Gary Grant


The chamber is a voluntary organisation exercising a policy of diversity and inclusion and would welcome new committee members to help deliver programs for the benefit of all members.


The next business Connect of on the 17th December 2020


Enquiries to join the Chamber can be made by contacting Olivier on 0400 868 683.


Olivier Kapetanakos 


We are pleased to advise that NSW Business Chamber and Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce (JCC) have partnered together to provide you with more membership benefits and greater access to information, services, and advice.


The Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce welcomes all individuals and businesses that have an interest in the local Jindabyne business community. Chamber draws its membership from businesses large and small, from all industry sectors across the region. Current membership ranges from large manufacturing business, home based business and individuals.

You continue to access all the great benefits of your membership with JCC such as local networking, business connections, and voice with local government and community groups.

Additionally, you also become a member of NSW Business Chamber at no cost to your business, gaining access to a range of services from NSW Business Chamber on top of your local chamber benefits, including:
A Local Chamber Limited Membership package for all Local Chamber members, at no cost to them
Access to a Relationship Manager for policy, advocacy and member issues within your region
Opportunity to have representation on Regional Advisory Councils
Invitations to Local Chamber Alliance Partner Forums to discuss policy and advocacy issues affecting your local region
Access to a number of Workplace Advice Line calls plus Modern Award Services to ensure the smooth operation of the LCC. The Workplace Advice Line (13 29 59) provides sound independent advice on all workplace matters including the new Fair Work system, Modern Awards, National Employment Standards (NES), award provisions and interpretation, wage rates etc
Empowering business through connections, knowledge and expertise.


The NSW Business Chamber traces their heritage back to 1826, NSW Business Chamber’s mission is to create a better Australia by helping businesses maximise their potential. The Chamber is a passionate advocate for business in the public arena: whether standing up to government and decision makers when business interests are neglected, or working together to create positive change.

On a one-to-one basis, the NSW Chamber helps all businesses from small enterprises to large corporations. Our commercial services division, Australian Business, delivers a range of business services to both member and non-member clients throughout Australia, with the operating surplus going back to supporting NSW Chamber initiatives. In all, we believe it’s important for Australia’s business community to succeed, because prosperity creates new jobs, social wealth, and better communities in which to live.

The core benefits JCC offers to its members are simple but critical to the success of any local and mountain business:

  • Advice
  • Advocacy
  • Opportunity
  • Networking & Community
  • Credibility & Reputation
  • Resources & Research
  • Training & Education
  • Marketing

The Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce welcomes any enquiries regarding business, including start up information. They’re here to help you and your business in many ways, you just need to ask. In the upcoming fortnightly features here in the Monaro Post, we will address the benefits of joining the JCC one at a time, and in more detail.

In the meantime, you are welcome to come along to their monthly Jindabyne Connect networking event, on the 4th Thursday of each month (March 28th) at 5:30pm at Rydges Snowy Mountains.

If you would like more info sooner, here are the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce key contact details.

JCC President Bruce Easton, (mobile) 0417 217 750 President@JindabyneChmaber of Commerce.org.au
Vice President Olivier Kapetanakos, (mobile) 0400 868 683
Jane Corben, Treasurer@JindabyneChamberofCommerce.org.au
Fiona Latham-Cannon, Marketing and Media, hello@destinationjindabyne.com.au


Good Afternoon Members,

Over the last couple of years, members of the executive of the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce have been active participants in the ‘Snowy Mountains Business Chamber Roundtable’.

This is a group set up by the NSW Government to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by ‘Snowy 2.0’ and to mitigate some of the negative impacts of this major project.

The group includes representatives of the NSW Government, Snowy Hydro, Future Generation Joint Venture (FGJV – created specifically to build Snowy 2.0), Industry Capability Network (ICN), local media, Chamber of Commerce representatives and senior staff from the Snowy Valleys and Snowy Monaro Regional Councils.

Meetings have been held regularly in locations such as Cooma, Jindabyne, Tumut, Queanbeyan and Cabramurra.

Below you will find the minutes of the Snowy Mountains Business Chamber Roundtable attended on the 15th October 2019 at Cabramurra.

Forward by Gordon Jenkinson, Chamber Executive Member of the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce.




October has been an amazing month for small business owners with so many different things happening right across the state, including right here in Jindabyne.

NSW Small Business Month in October was dedicated to promoting and celebrating the success of small businesses and recognising the important role they play in the NSW economy and the local community.

As part of NSW Small Business Month, the Jindy Workspace sought to connect small business owners in Jindabyne to each other so they could tap into a support network and knowledge base to help each other build stronger businesses.

The Jindy Workspace provided several well received business workshops for the business community of Jindabyne. They were conducted by Duncan Isaksen-Loxton of SixFive (Co-Founder of the Jindy Workspace) and Fiona Latham-Cannon of Tall Red Poppy Marketing and included a variety of topics such as ‘Instagram Basics’, ‘Using Google My Business to promote your business for free’, ‘Getting Comfortable with Security, best practices for you and your business’ and ‘Create with Canva’.

The responses were extremely positive, with local attendees saying they ‘walked away with information, tips and ideas they didn’t have before’, ‘it was great to network and learn alongside other local business owners’ and ‘I’m looking forward to the intermediate course coming next.’

The Jindy Workspace is very keen to hear from the business community regarding topic areas of other business workshops they might like to attend, and invites you to communicate and connect with them. Please make contact by email to hello@jindyworkspace.com.au, call (02) 8320 0588 or pop in in person to Nuggets Crossing Shopping Centre (upstairs from Andy’s Barber and the CBA ATM) and have a quick chat and a tour of the space.


The new co-working space is at the heart of a drive to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales.

The Jindy Workspace strives to support diversity in regional business, opportunities for remote working and a range of employment opportunities for our children.
The space is dedicated to taking out the frustrations of working from home, a cafe or on the road by providing a pleasant space, great technology and a place to network with other businesses.

In regional areas community is about as important as it gets – your business family. The Jindy Workspace has a diverse group of can-do individuals, thriving businesses, and lots of interesting people that come through the region immersing themselves in it’s amazing surroundings.

This makes our Snowy Mountains business community unique, and very special.
The workspace has made every effort to create a space that makes it easy to connect with an office neighbour, and support building an innovative business community.


Investment in small business by the NSW Government

Below are some of the ways the NSW Government is supporting small business. If you’d like to know more, please contact connect with one of the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce executive members at the next Jindabyne Connect, 28th November 2019, 5:30-7:30pm at Rydges Snowy Mountains, or on Thursday 12th December 2019, Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting at 5:00pm followed by an early Jindabyne Connect (due to Christmas Break) at 5:30pm at Rydges Snowy Mountains, or email president@jindabynechamberofcommerce.org.au.

Business Connect is a personalised NSW Government program that provides trusted advice to help you start or grow your small business. Whether you are just starting out with a great business idea or looking to expand and grow your business, Business Connect can support you on your journey to business success.

The NSW Small Business Commissioner has expanded the Easy to do Business program and in partnership with Service NSW provides a Business Concierge. The Business Concierge is a free service offered across a range of industries that gives you personalised help and support when starting or expanding a small business so you can focus on your business and save time and money.

The Boosting Business Innovation Program is an $18million program that gives small businesses access to research organisations to build strong local business communities and stimulate economic growth in metropolitan and regional NSW. The Program is a partnership with all 11 NSW universities and CSIRO to deliver a range of new innovation spaces and activities for business communities.

The NSW Government launched the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Regional Procurement Policy in February 2019. The Policy is designed to increase participation of small businesses in government procurement of goods and services, through a range of initiatives, including: giving small businesses a voice through a new feedback tool, making it easier to buy directly from small businesses for values up to $50,000, first consideration of small and medium enterprises by government agencies for values up to $250, 000, making it easier to engage small businesses to do proof-of-concept testing or outcome-based trials valued up to $1,000,000 and requiring agencies to consider small and medium business in all procurements valued above $3 million through specific evaluation criteria.

The NSW Government’s Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP) and Aboriginal participation in construction (APIC) policy provide NSW Government agencies permission to negotiate directly with Aboriginal owned businesses for values up to $250,000. The APP aims for Aboriginal owned businesses to be awarded at least three per cent of the total number of NSW Government domestic contracts for goods and services by 2021. The APIC policy requires that 1.5 percent of spend on construction projects over $1 million be directed toward Aboriginal participation, including subcontracting of Aboriginal owned businesses.

To enable more Aboriginal owned businesses to gain access to government procurement opportunities, the NSW Government has commenced a “concierge service” to assist Aboriginal owned businesses through the pre-qualification scheme registration process.


Businesses throughout the region have been recognised for their hard work and success at the 2019 Snowy Monaro Business Awards.

Jindabyne based TRC Tourism took home the coveted Excellence in Small Business award, as well as being crowned the region’s Outstanding Employer of Choice.

In its second year, the Business Awards gala dinner attracted around 130 business operators, industry leaders and supporters of local business.

Held at the Station Resort in Jindabyne, this year’s instalment focussed on the region’s tourism industry. The success of the Jindabyne Lake Light Sculpture event was recognised with an Excellence in Ecotourism award, while K7 Adventures won Excellence in Adventure Experience.
Across the 13 award categories, more than 60 businesses were nominated.

All nominees were entered into the People’s Choice award, where locals voted for their favourite businesses from Bombala, Cooma, Jindabyne and the region’s towns and villages.

Alicia Robinson was awarded the Bombala people’s choice, while Roses Lebanese Restaurant was voted most popular in Cooma, Nikki Kable Personal Training finished first in Jindabyne and Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa took out the villages people’s choice award.

Excellence in Accommodation: Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa
Excellence in Adventure Experience: K7 Adventures
Excellence in Caravan & Holiday Parks: Snowy River Holiday Park
Excellence in Culture and Heritage: Lake Light Sculpture Inc
Excellence in Ecotourism: Lake Light Sculpture Inc
Excellence in Food Experience: Roses Lebanese Restaurant
Excellence in Inclusive Employment: Cooma Challenge Ltd.
Excellence in Innovation: Tall Red Poppy Marketing
Excellence in Small Business: TRC Tourism
Excellence in Sustainability: Perisher Ski Resort
Outstanding Employer of Choice: TRC Tourism
Outstanding Young Employee: Trudi Marapodi – Cooma Challenge
People’s Choice Bombala: Alicia Robinson
People’s Choice Cooma: Roses Lebanese Restaurant
People’s Choice Jindabyne: Nikki Kable Personal Training
People’s Choice Villages: Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa

Article first appeared on Snowy Monaro Regional Council website Wednesday June 5 2019