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Summer in Jindabyne

December to February

Summer in Jindabyne is all about water and land, sun and sand and fresh crisp mountain air that you'll breathe into your lungs like pure energy. It means picnics and cafes, brunches and lunches, parties, socialising and insatiable appetites for adventure. The lake comes alive with boats and people, and joy fills the air with the festivities of the season. Laughter reigns in the region at this time of year, where Summer fun is the town's number one priority.

Epic picturesque landscapes and beckoning mountains mean it's hard to resist the pull of the wild. Taking to the hills is what these days are made for. The flowers are prolific in a multitude of colours, and are NOT to be missed. As you climb higher and higher, the varieties change, the colours merge and blend beautifully with the rocky outcrop and treeless surrounds.

Lower the iconic snow gums will have you captivated. Their ribbons of colour are magnificently displayed, and your cameras will love them. Their twists and turns will have you intrigued, imagining their lifespan under the snow, emerging where they can to survive.

The wildlife of the mountains is something to be admired. This is their home, from the Wombats and emus to the wallabies and Kangaroos, the mountain Pygmy Possums and even the delightfully colourful Corroboree Frogs. The birds are possessive to say the least. The Little Ravens will stare as if to say "who are you?" and are amazing to watch as they sit perched on their large granite pedestals just watching.

Birdlife in the Alps is prolific. Open woodlands provides plenty of habitat for birds including robins. Others that make the mountains their home are Australian King-Parrots, Crimson Rosellas, Kookaburras, Gang-gang Cockatoos, and Emus. Birdwatchers will also delight in seeing the country’s largest raptor, the imposing Wedge-tailed Eagle, soaring above crags and swooping into valleys.

Making the most of the sunshine is high on the list and getting out on the water on Lake Jindabyne shouldn't be missed. Build your days with adventures and fun or relax on the gravelly beaches of Lake Jindabyne and cruise out for a swim in the crystal clean waters.

Fishing in Lake Jindabyne and the rivers plus any other secret fishing spots our expert local guides will take you, is a real treat. Our lake is regarded as the best trout fishing waters on mainland Australia with a full variety of fishing areas from tiny streams for 'dry fly' fishing to larger rivers for fly fishing and lure spinning to the larger lakes where all methods of trout fishing can be used including fly fishing, boat trolling, lure spinning and bait fishing methods.

Destination JIndabyne Bushwalking. Credit: Destination NSW
Credit: Destination NSW Location : Alpine Way
Zack Simpson - ZRS Photography
Zack Simpson - ZRS Photography

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