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Spring in Jindabyne

September to November

Spring in Jindabyne is a time for exploration and discovery. Back country skiing fun, casting the fishing rods back into the rivers and exploring those beautiful waterfalls as the snow thaw sets in. You will see the mountains come to life with new growth and the promise of a spectacular show of wildflowers heading closer towards the Summer months. Buds of colour come to life as the snow melts to give way to green grasses and new life.

Photography excursions are popular for this time of year. There's lots happening, movement, action and excitement. The bulbs are flowering everywhere, daffodils and daisies galore plus blossoms on the many apple trees along the roadside.

The ski season being open until October Long Weekend (the first weekend of the month) is an added bonus. The skiing during these last weeks can be among the most pleasant and enjoyable of the year. Bluebird sun shining days, skiing with lighter weight clothing is a liberating feeling. The spring snow is full of fun and games, always providing entertaining times right to the end. The warmer temperatures make it the perfect time for kids or learners to give skiing a go for the first time. The days are very pleasant and there are usually deals going at this off peak time of year which makes the whole experience more affordable.

The mountain walking trails are beginning to open, and the biking trails too. Growing exponentially in popularity is the Thredbo Valley Trail. Popular among mountain biking enthusiasts, this trail is definitely not to be missed. If you have some mountain biking experience, you will want to give this trail a go. It will make it's way to Jindabyne once complete, and offers the ride of your life. Currently 29kms long, and worth every minute. Yes, it's mainly downhill from Thredbo but make no mistake, it will challenge you....especially if you decide to ride it up from the bottom, but a guaranteed ton of fun!

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credit: Tourism Snowy Mountains
credit: Tourism Snowy Mountains

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