Unlocking Success: A Dual Workshop Experience for Small Businesses

SMALL BUSINESS MONTH 2023 jindabyne chamber snowy mountains nsw

Calling all Snowy Mountains business enthusiasts! October brings with it Small Business Month 2023, and the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce has something special in store for you. We’re excited to introduce not one but two transformative workshops designed to empower local businesses in the pursuit of success.

Morning Session: “Building a Resilient Workforce for Small Businesses” with Jessica Vlaskic

Local businesses in the Snowy Mountains face unique challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining skilled staff, especially with the intense competition for seasonal workers. That’s why we’ve curated the morning session, “Building a Resilient Workforce for Small Businesses,” led by the exceptional Jessica Vlaskic.

Jessica brings a wealth of experience in human resources, recruitment, and business management. Her commitment to excellence and track record of driving organisational success make her the perfect guide for navigating the staffing hurdles that small businesses often encounter.

What to Expect in Jessica’s Workshop

In this engaging workshop, you’ll explore:

  1. Effective Recruitment Strategies: Learn the art of attracting and selecting top-tier talent for your business. Discover how to craft compelling job advertisements, conduct efficient interviews, and make informed decisions that align with your company’s culture and values.
  2. Fostering Employee Growth and Development: Dive into the world of creating a positive work environment that encourages loyalty and commitment among your staff. You’ll gain insights into designing personalised professional development plans for your team members, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.

Afternoon Session: “BRANDING – EYE HEART MIND” with Simon Blazey

Now, let’s fast forward to the afternoon, where we switch gears to explore the fascinating world of branding with our local design guru and senior lecturer, Simon Blazey of Rockerfella Industries. Simon is no stranger to the art of branding, having worked with some of Australia’s most renowned brands and creative minds.

What to Expect in Simon’s Workshop

In Simon’s captivating seminar, you’ll delve into:

  1. The Art of Consumption: Explore the psychology behind our consumption choices and the subconscious cues that influence our decisions.
  2. Cracking the Brand Code: Delve into the world of subliminal messaging and learn how brands communicate visually.
  3. Professional vs. Amateur Branding: Understand the value of professional branding and how to spot amateurish attempts.
  4. Product vs. Brand: Discover the crucial distinction between a product and a brand.
  5. Connecting with Humans: Explore how brands build lasting connections with consumers on a human level.
  6. Reviving a Brand: Learn the art of revitalising a brand when it needs a fresh start.
  7. Marketing Wisdom: Gain insights into the real cost of marketing and the power of product quality.
  8. Motivating Factors: Uncover the one thing that truly motivates people to take action.
  9. Love Marks: Dive into case studies of beloved brands like Star Wars, Apple, Nike, and Oakley to understand the concept of love marks.

Brand Auditing and More

Simon will also guide you through the essential elements of brand auditing, including aesthetics, messaging, nuance, fidelity, and the crucial distinction between fashion and style for long-term success.

A Dual Workshop Experience for Success

These workshops are more than just learning; they’re a transformative experience. Jessica and Simon bring their unique expertise to help you tackle staffing challenges and master the art of branding, empowering your business for success.

Full Day Ticket Option

For the full experience, grab the $50 FULL DAY ticket option, which includes both workshops and a $25 meal voucher for lunch at the Jindabyne Bowling Club (12pm-1pm).

These workshops are made possible and subsidised by the NSW Government as part of Small Business Month 2023.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to unlock the secrets of success and empower your business. Book your tickets now, and we look forward to seeing you at these transformative workshops!

Tickets on Eventbrite – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/jindabyne-chamber-of-commerce-11253637870

Capital Radio’s Advertising Options for Jindabyne Chamber Members

Capital Radio has prepared a special set of Advertising Packages for Jindabyne Chamber Members.


Option 1:

25 x 30 second BMAD commercials per month for single station (SNOWFM or XLFM)

Single Station Total Investment: $420 +GST per month


Option 2:

40 x 30 second BMAD commercials per month for dual station (SNOWFM & XLFM)

Dual Station Total Investment: $630 +GST per month

Option 3:

One Day Sale Promotion 06/09/22 – 97.7 SnowFM and/or Forever Classic XLFM

50 x 30 second BMAD commercials scheduled in breakfast, morning, afternoon, and drive each month with a 3 month commitment over September, October and November.


BMAD Commercials, are the peak listening times on 97.7 SnowFM and/or Forever Classic XLFM.

Multiple coverage, 25 x 30 seconds on 97.7 SnowFM and 25 x 30 seconds on Forever Classic XLFM.

or Single coverage, on preferred station to target specific audiences or listeners or demographics.

An extra bonus: Businesses who purchase all three months on the 6th of September will go into the draw to win an additional 150 x 30 second BMAD commercials to use by 28/3/2023!

Tailored ads specific to your business with jingles and catchphrases to catch the attention of listeners and promote your business.

Total investment: $690 plus GST per month



Radio Snowy Mountains Mid Station Profile 2022

Radio Snowy Mountains Rate Card 2022

Radio Snowy Mountains Infinite Dial 2022 Infographic

Radio Snowy Mountains One Day Sale 6 September 2022

As the Assistant General Manager, Hannah takes care of Jindabyne based businesses and businesses outside of our region who advertise within our market. She believes radio advertising is a valuable marketing tool for your clients to use to increase customer base as their target audience tune into radio every day at some point in the day i.e., during commuting. Hannah has attached a statistic infographic for your reference.

If you have any advertising needs, please don’t hesitate in contacting her to discuss the special advertising opportunities and marketing options for Jindabyne Chamber members, here in the Snowy Mountains.



The Snowy Trout Challenge is Back Again in 2021

The 2021-22 Snowy Trout Challenge will start on Friday 1 October after 500 large, tagged rainbow trout were released into 6 impoundments across the Snowy Monaro Region…

Trout have been release into:

  • Lake Eucumbene
  • Lake Jindabyne
  • Lake Crackenback
  • Black Lake, Bombala
  • Murrumbidgee Pumping Station, Cooma
  • Lake Williams, Nimmitabel

Now in its second year, the Snowy Trout Challenge (STC) is open to all anglers and is a region wide event across the Snowy Monaro that encourages visitation to the area and promotes the local waterways for fishing. The Snowy Trout Challenge runs from 1 October 2021 to 31 May 2022.

The rainbow trout were bred at the NSW Department of Primary Industries Gaden Trout Hatchery in Jindabyne…

“The NSW Government is pleased to support the 2021-22 Snowy Trout Challenge,” said an NSW Department of Primary Industries spokesperson. “This is a great initiative which showcases the Snowies region as our premier trout fishing destination and provides fantastic opportunities for families and kids to enjoy quality fishing for spectacular Rainbow Trout bred by the expert team at the DPI Fisheries Gaden Trout Hatchery at Jindabyne.”

Trout caught during the Snowy Trout Challenge

The idea of the event is that anyone can catch one of the large rainbow trout, plus then can register their catch and go into the draw for monthly prizes. Additional prizes can be won for just registering for the event.

Each fish has been tagged with its own individual number on a White Tag for this year’s event.
To participate in the 2021-22 Snowy Trout Challenge, please register your details via the link at bottom. In return you will enter the draw to win a ‘Cash Prize’ generously sponsored by the Snowy Mountains Chambers Alliance. This prize will be drawn in June 2022 at the conclusion of the 2021-22 STC.

For every 2021* STC tagged Rainbow Trout you catch from 1 October 2021 to 31 May 2022, you are eligible to enter a monthly cash prize draw**.

To enter, you must register the details of your catch. Details on how to register your catch will be confirmed in the coming weeks.


*2021/22 STC tags are white. Pink 2020 STC tags are not eligible to enter in the monthly cash prize draw.
** Prize draws will commence once NSW is re-opened for regional travel.


The Snowy Trout Challenge is an initiative of local Chambers of Commerce and Snowy Monaro Regional Council and driven by volunteers who are eager to promote fishing in the region.
The participating chambers of commerce are:

  • Bombala and District Chamber of Commerce
  • Cooma Chamber of Commerce
  • Lake Eucumbene Chamber of Commerce
  • Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce

https://linktr.ee/snowytroutchallenge to register

To keep up-to-date on all things Snowy Trout Challenge, please follow the Snowy Trout Challenge Facebook page.

Snowy Mountains Cookies, 1 of 30 small regional businesses chosen by Facebook

snowy mountains cookies fqacebook gift guide 2019 choc love

Facebook Gift Guide 2019

Snowy mountains cookies

Snowy Mountains Cookies is excited to announce they have been selected to be a part of the 2019 Facebook Gift Guide.

Facebook and Instagram have created an online Gift Guide to support regional economies.

Over half of the 30 chosen business, including Snowy Mountains Cookies, are in a drought effected area. Facebook’s Director Mia Garlick states “It was developed to celebrate the innovation and success of regional small businesses across the country that play an important role support the national economy,”

Snowy Mountains Cookies, thanks to Facebook and Instagram, will take part in the promotion by featuring their best-selling flavour, the Love Chocolate, in a gift box configuration – please visit www.fb.me/giftguideau

Snowy Mountains Cookies creates premium, gourmet produce and has operated for over 13 years with core business derived from servicing the airline catering sector (including 10 consecutive years of supplying Qantas), hotels, function centres, food outlets and retail customers.

Products reaffirm the brand message, made wholesome and appetising by baking with ‘clean’ ingredients that are:

  • Free of artificial colours
  • Free of artificial additives
  • Free of artificial flavours
  • Free of preservatives
  • Sulphite free dried fruits

Only premium ingredient options are used in our product range, with a focus on ‘keeping it natural by keeping it simple’.

We use:

  • Free-range eggs – recipient of the RSPCA Good Egg award
  • Butter, rather than margarine
  • Quality couverture chocolate – steering clear of compound chocolate
  • Ingredients most home pantries would stock – avoiding using tricky substitute products that mask nutritional table figure

One of Snowy Mountains Cookies owners Daisy Oayda’ states, “I believe starting and running a business like Snowy Mountains Cookies, which prides itself on its location base and name, is easier in a regional town like Jindabyne thanks to the support and genuine interest shown from local business and community, which is something that may not happen in a big city.”

Snowy Mountains Cookies is proud to have been chosen for this opportunity to help grow online sales and bring awareness to the small business in the regional town of Jindabyne. If you would like to see more Snowy Mountains Cookies products please visit www.snowycookies.com.au.

“Snowy Mountains Cookies/ Savoury/ Snacks, launched in 2006, is proudly located in the beautiful, iconic, alpine town of Jindabyne is arguably Australia’s highest commercial bakery perched at 1020 metres above sea level.”