President’s Report AGM 2023

2023 agm jindabyne chamber presidents report

‘The 2022-23 period has been an incredible year for the Chamber and local businesses. Following the post-boom of Winter 2022, the softer Winter of 2023 impacted the majority of businesses. The same issues continue to compound the visitor experience, with seasonal housing being at the top of the list, and this will likely remain a challenge for the foreseeable future.

We are also witnessing a generational change in business ownership, as businesses are being placed on the market at a rate unprecedented in my experience. Simultaneously, a range of new micro businesses is emerging in town. This surge is supported by Covid relocations and a strong base of tourism opportunities.

Membership remains strong and continues to strengthen, allowing us to maintain our paid promotions. Our success lies in our membership tier, our subscription model, and the excellent work of our talented Promotions team, Fiona and Kerin.

The SAP has been a major focus of the Chamber for the past five years and will continue to be so. However, our ambitions will need to be tempered, as the current government’s focus differs from that of the previous government, which was centred on transformative projects.

Among our successes are the increased membership, enhanced marketing, and promotion of the town, culminating in our being finalists in the small tourism town awards. And, of course, the return of the Chamber-organised signature event – The Snow Ball.

Being part of the Chamber is fundamentally about service to the community, and although it often goes unrecognised, we don’t do it for recognition. Participation is about the belief that we can improve opportunities for businesses and the community alike. For me, it’s about the friendships and good times shared in pursuit of that belief. In this regard, I extend many thanks to Gary Grant and Eddy Griffin for all the ‘dialling in’ you’ve done, allowing us to tap into your vast and differing perspectives and experiences. To Kerin Jarvis and Fiona Latham-Cannon: I’ve never worked alongside such devoted and passionate people. Your dedication, the hours you put in, and the laughter and good times are a personal inspiration.

I look forward to more of the same. Working on our nighttime economy project will be key, as will the Snow Ball 2024.

So, if you’re considering putting your hand up to participate in the committee, thank you very much. Don’t hesitate—I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience.’


Olivier Kapetanakos


Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce


There are two vacancies on the incoming Jindabyne Chamber committee. If you are a financial member of the Jindabyne Chamber and would like to join us for monthly meetings (usually held via Zoom), please reach out to Fiona at


President’s Report: Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce 2022-23

Key Insights and Progress

A Year of Dynamic Growth and Challenges The 2022-23 period in the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce has been a landmark year. Despite the impacts of a softer Winter in 2023, the growth from the previous year’s boom has been remarkable. We continue to address key issues like seasonal housing – a consistent theme in our community discussions and strategic meetings.

Generational Shifts in Business We have observed a generational shift in business ownership within the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce. This period saw an influx of businesses entering the market, alongside the emergence of new micro businesses, a testament to the resilience and adaptability of our community. Discover more about our business trends here.

Membership and Promotions Our Chamber’s membership remains robust, a core focus of our President’s Report. Thanks to our members’ support, we have sustained our promotional activities, led by the dedicated team of Fiona and Kerin.

Strategic Focus and Achievements

Adapting to New Policies The SAP, a central element in the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce’s strategy, continues to adapt to the shifting government focus. Learn more about how these changes are influencing our plans.

Celebrating Our Achievements Our successes include increased membership and enhanced promotion of our town, highlighted by our nomination in the small tourism town awards. The Snow Ball event, a significant achievement of the Chamber, marked a milestone. Find out more about this event here.

Looking Ahead

Engagement and Future Projects As outlined in this President’s Report for the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce, our future is bright with projects like enhancing the nighttime economy and the upcoming Snow Ball 2024. We invite you to join our committee and contribute to these exciting initiatives. Get involved here.