Jindabyne that corner

Living & Working in Jindabyne

As the saying goes, if you weren't born here you're not a local. But, that's never stopped many people from making this great town home.

It's one thing to visit, even a few times a year, and another to make this place your permanent home. You come to appreciate the surroundings on a much more intimate level. Every day, the sunsets amaze, every day the weather shows up and makes our pretty lake dance in the sun or the storms.

The people are full of smiles, and helpful advice, and caring for each other. There's nothing that a team of Jindy Mum's can't do and nothing that the guys can't fix, make or grow.

The services to the town are on the up and up, we'd like to say the internet's great but it's not. But that's not to say we don't live in hope. We do. With NBN being introduced, we could be on the brink of a new generation.

Here you can hope to find a helpful community link, to a business, a story, an article, a post or a page that will help you along your way, living and working in Jindabyne. It'll be an evolutionary process to present all of the relevant information here in a cohesive way, but as I said, we live in hope ūüôā