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Jindabyne, since 1964, sits above the edge of man-made Lake Jindabyne, and is surrounded by wide open country where snowy granite boulders lay on the landscape and sheep or cows graze the paddocks.

Escaping to the mountains for whatever reason is a good choice. You can't help soak up wellbeing and rejuvenation. The scenery, food and atmosphere in town will have you smiling inside and out. Lake Jindabyne itself is mesmerising, the same can be said for Jindy's many fireplaces, find one and unwind. The opportunity should not be missed. By the way, happy hour is a tradition.

The quaint and very central town has a welcoming, energetic vibe which makes Jindabyne a positive and enjoyable holiday destination, especially so in Wintertime when snow sport fever comes to life. The energy is infectious, and is the time of year we all get to enjoy the mountain's beauty in white.

We may be a small town but our population swells seasonally, and we are mighty in the choices of accommodation on offer. The same can be said for activities, events, cafes, restaurants and bars. You name it ... Jindabyne has the best mountain lifestyle you could dream of, so much to do.

When Queens Birthday Weekend rolls around on the first weekend in June, the region transforms. A multitude of people from far and wide gather here to partake in snow sports with passion.

The drive past the lake to the snow will leave you breathless. The morning scenes in Jindy will be etched into your brain forever. The lake will perform everyday, dancing colours of blue and frosty white, shimmering in the sun on a bluebird day, or lighting up the skies at sunset with oranges, purples and reds. The consistency of her grace is never a bore. It's awe inspiring and majestic and will feed your soul.

Skiing and snowboarding is a short commute from town. Both Perisher and Thredbo are approximately a half hour away. Driving to Perisher Ski Resort and connecting to Charlotte Pass Ski Resort is straight up the mountain via Kosciuszko Road. The SkiTube is situated fifteen minutes on the Alpine Way where you can ride the steep ascent to Perisher by train, saving your need to carry snow chains and buying National Park pass. Also, being without parking worries plus it's a safer and more pleasant ride for your family. Thredbo Ski Resort is further along the Alpine Way, and will shuttle you in their courtesy buses to and from the lift areas and carparks.

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Moonbah Hut Open Fire - Brett Smith

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