Murray Ogilvie

UP COMING SEASON 22/23 by Murray Ogilvie

With the Trout season about to open, now is the time to go through your gear and get ready for another great season ahead.

The Rivers and Streams are looking fantastic and we will have plenty of water to get us into Summer.

The shop is stocked up with all the latest gear with the latest rods from Sage, Primal, Vision and Scott. We have a very large range of Waders and Boots from Simms, Vision and Patagonia to fit all shapes.

Our Fly selection is huge and stocked with heavy nymphs for the high flows at the start of the season. Jig flies are very popular as they sink quickly and fish upside down so less likely to get hooked up on the bottom.

The Lakes are fishing very well and shouldn’t be forgotten once the rivers open. There are great conditioned fish cruising the edges and big wets stripped fast have produced some beautiful fish.

We are open 7 days and there is new gear being added the the website everyday so call in and get the best advice for you to enjoy the coming season.

Cheers from the team and see you soon.


Murray Ogilvie

High Country Fly Fishing

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