The Chamber Executive and some key community members representing JCS and SMGS along with a staffer from John Barilaro’s Office met with Dean Lynch. This was an opportunity to review Major Projects and allocated funds to various projects. We also had an opportunity to discuss some local Jindabyne issues and highlight various challenges and opportunities.

A key one was to update him and tourism staff regarding “Smart City” technologies and opportunities for Jindabyne as a pilot program given its unique character and dynamics in the community with seasonal visitation and tourism growth.

Smart City supports local governments, private companies, research organisations and not-for-profit bodies to work collaboratively and deliver innovative smart city projects. The goal is to improve the liveability, productivity and sustainability of places like Jindabyne. We are uniquely placed as a dynamic community in a regional location which has recently been merged with local government. Also with our local State member being ideally positioned as Deputy Premier, Minister for Regional New South Wales, Minister for Skills, and Minister for Small Business.

Projects relate to street lighting of key places in the community and incorporating technology for signage related to road conditions, signage for tourism and events. Security cameras incorporated into the lighting. Also WiFi and various communications and technologies that enable improved accessibility and performance. It also allows for smart metering of domestic and commercial premises to track power and various resources and services.

The most important part is the partnering of a range of organisations and service providers rather than exclusive arrangements and ensures best practice and also future proofing against obsolete or outdated technologies or resources. Hence “smart city” and a great opportunity for Jindabyne going forward.

Attached is a link for those interested enough in this as a project to look into further and especially a number of useful links for background.