Snowboards and Boots in store

Shop for Ski Gear Deals Round the Clock

When it comes to buying or renting your ski & snowboard gear for your upcoming holiday or last minute getaway, your shopping options are endless in Jindabyne. Whether you’ve planned ahead, or your plan is “there is no plan”, you’ll be able to grab a great deal on anything you’ll need up the mountain.

On your way into Jindabyne, stop into either of the two main shopping hubs – Old Town Centre or Nuggets Crossing – and you’ll find that virtually every second store provides ski gear. Or take a wander behind Nuggets Crossing along Snowy River Avenue and Gippsland Street to find ESS Boardstore.

Nuggets Crossing is a hub for finding all your gear for your next holiday.

If you’re staying in Nettin Circuit, The Shed Ski Hire is really handy. On the way out to the Station Resort along the Barry Way, Monster Ski Hire is at Leesville industrial estate on your right, and they’re open 7am til midnight Thursday and Friday, or 7am-7pm other days. You can hire snow gear practically anywhere…even the local Caltex and BP petrol stations! So you’re sure to get a great deal near your accommodation, wherever you’re staying in Jindy. Savings tip: some shops offer up to 20% discount if you book online.

If you’re arriving late on a Friday night for that weekend trip don’t worry, as many ski hire places are open til midnight, and BP is open 24 hours, meaning you can get ski gear sorted at night and avoid delays in starting your day on the slopes.

Finally, when organising your rental gear remember that it is compulsory to carry properly fitting snow chains when heading to the ski fields in a two-wheel-drive vehicle. Full details on where and when you need snow chains.

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