Access Marketing Services from Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce Member Fiona Latham-Cannon, Tall Red Poppy Marketing.

Business Management in the mountains is a full time job! Allocating time to interview staff, deal with employment compliance, update your website or schedule a winter advertising campaign are daunting tasks for any busy business owner. In no time winter comes, the snow falls and it’s all over in a 16 week blur. Business Owners are generally too occupied working ‘in’ their business, and often lack the time or resources to work ‘on’ it. The Chamber of Commerce offer solutions if this sounds like you. Get in touch with them by emailing Don’t forget the networking event, ‘Jindabyne Connect’ held on the 4th Thursday of the month, where you can meet other local business people and socialise, plus get a “check” on how things are going in general business. Please note; April Connect is on the 3rd Thursday, 18th April due to Anzac Day falling on the 4th.

Joining the Jindabyne Chamber has its advantages, both tangible and intangible, personal and professional, plus business owners can gain access to business advice and support on issues impacting their business. Often, fellow members will avail themselves, and offer prioritised and/or discounted local products and expert services to all other Chamber Members. This week, two such offers are set out here today.


There are many traditional methods of advertising, including television, newspaper, magazine and radio, which are all executed well here within the Snowy Mountains.
The mix of marketing tools are so much wider today than they ever used to be. Websites and social media (such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) enable people to follow a local business, organisation, location or interest, and be more effectively informed and immersed in their content. It reaches and lives right there in real time, inside the audiences world, where the amount of content and information is exponentially higher. It can be targeted and so more relevant and attuned to the follower’s interests than traditional methods of advertising.

Tall Red Poppy Marketing is a business operating in Jindabyne, and helps many tourism operators plan, create and schedule their social media content. Fiona Latham-Cannon works hard to make the town of Jindabyne look attractive, exciting and a desirable place to visit through her social media page ‘For the Love of Jindabyne’. This page has gathered over 10,000 followers (with 2.4 million views/year on Instagram), all with a specific interest in Jindabyne and it’s Alpine Playground attractions. Fiona is also an active member of the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce Committee, and is on a team of local talented digital experts who created the town’s tourism focused website
As an experienced marketing specialist, Fiona can offer Jindabyne business owners many online marketing options within the Chamber network of Destination Jindabyne, and her own site. Advertising space is now available on For the Love of Jindabyne’s social media pages.

The directional nature of digital marketing in being able to target a particular interest group and in this case, magnified as the followers of pages like Destination Jindabyne and For the Love of Jindabyne are perfectly aligned with your customer base.

For further information on Chamber Member benefitsĀ and/or engaging Tall Red Poppy Marketing services, please use the skills of a local expert who understands how Jindabyne ticks.

Contact Fiona Latham-Cannon via Messenger / Facebook / Instagram,

Email on or, or call her mobile on 0408 688627.