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Australia's Alpine Playground
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Welcome to Jindabyne

Jindabyne in NSW is located in the heart of Australia’s Alpine Playground. Its glorious scenery will leave you breathless at every turn...and for good reason...happiness grows here like wildfire.

Jindy is positioned outside Kosciuszko National Park at the base of the Thredbo Valley, set on the shores of a shimmering Lake Jindabyne, the unique beauty and the vibrant energy of the town provide a world where your dream holiday can begin. One with adventure, exploration and relaxation.

Welcome to Jindabyne's official website where you'll find all you need to plan your trip to Jindabyne. From accommodation choices to the epic list of activities and sights, plus a full calendar of events not to be missed.

Jindabyne 'That View'

As you turn “that” corner high on the hills coming into Jindabyne, you’re graced with a picture postcard framed by alpine peaks. Jindabyne casts a spell over you like no other town in Australia.

Sunbeam Landscape - Rachel Davies

It’s like coming home to a place that you’ll never want to leave...and why would you? She has everything that’s good in life....fresh mountain air....

Dining - Lake Crackenback

...delicious food and smooth coffee, an outdoor lifestyle that’s second to none, sensational, majestic, awe inspiring views and a friendly and supportive community

Nighttime Across the Lake - Jo Windeatt

...she’s the ever popular hub of Australia's Alpine Playground, and has mountain character all of her own. Jindabyne.

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100 Things to Do in

There's SO much to do in and around Jindabyne, you won't believe your the guide now!

100Things to do in Jindabyne

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