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Adventure Activities

Holidaying in Jindabyne is one big exciting adventure. There are many outdoor activities, and a few that will thrill you to the core. Feel the adrenaline rush when you're on a river sled rushing down the Thredbo River, or buzzing around on a Segway at Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa.

There are many guided activities, where you'll be accompanied by experts in order to fully experience the thrills of the mountains. Sacred Ride and Wilderness Sports offer many Guided Tours and Adventures, as do Snowy Wilderness and Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa.

The Mountains are your playground, and Jindabyne is the doorstep. Head out into the backcountry in the Spring or cruise at a pace down the Thredbo Valley Track on a mountain bike. Throw a line out for a trout or waterski the mirrored waters of Lake Jindabyne. Or better still, go for a joy flight on the Green Machine Adventure Flight, you'll have the time of your life.

credit: Jon Armstrong; Destination NSW
credit: Jon Armstrong; Destination NSW

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100 Things to Do in

There's SO much to do in and around Jindabyne, you won't believe your eyes...download the guide now!

100Things to do in Jindabyne

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